Anna Lotan - Cell 2 Cell SERUM


Anna Lotan - Cell 2 Cell Serum


A luxurious and velvety emulsion for balancing mature skin and smoothing wrinkles.

  • Formulated with Bio -mimetic components to enrich the skin with building blocks similar to its own composition: amino acids, moisture binding polysaccharides ( hyaluronic acid , aloe vera extract and carob seeds powder) and phospholids.
  • Oil soluble vitamins (A and E ) maintain the quality of the premium oils in the formula (squalane, jojoba and linolenic acid)
  • Enriched with wrinkle relaxing protein sequences ( peptides) and crocus bulb extract provides its hidden energy accumulated during dormancy for optimal mature skin care.
  • Easily absorbed,this emulsion offers an unusual smoothing effect suitable for all skin types.


50 ml bottle