Anna Lotan - Billberry Peel 10%


Anna Lotan - Bilberry Peel 10%


An active exfoliating cream mask for salon use to enhance skin renewal. The formula contains the maximal AHA concentration allowed, but may be used modular fashion to adapt to different skin types and sensitivity.


The  exfoliating components in the formula are: 

  • Lactic acid, a biomimetic acid with a marked moisturizing effect.
  • Fruit extracts containing vitamins and fruit acids such as bilberry, lemon, and orange provide a touch of vitamin C to the formula.
  • A blend of enzymatic fruit extracts (Papaya, Pineapple, and Guarana) further enhance exfoliation.  
  • The polishing abrasive particles derived from vegetable wax provide a fine mechanical dermabrasion effect that smooths the skin.


Other features: 

  • The typical purple hue of the peel is derived from skin-soothing components: Gromwell root extract and Azulene. 
  • Bilberry Peel formula is balanced with premium emollient oils and waxes that protect the skin from over-polishing and excessive acid exfoliation. 


The intensity of the peel may be individually customized according to the customer’s skin sensitivity by selecting the mode of use (mere application or active massage) and its duration.


70 ml. 2.4 fl. oz.