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Offering Medical Spa Products Online

Beauty Confidential offers high quality, customized, affordable medical spa skin care products online since early 2020. We provide skin consultations, high quality peels, skin repair products and rejuvenation treatments.


We aim to serve our clients as a cosmetic skin consultants where our clients can frequently order spa grade products and get treated with excellent results, while being more affordable than any comparable retail medical spa online. 

Face dipped in white water


To establish the connection between happiness and self-esteem by providing the right tools to enhance self-worth.

Our skin consultants would like to share their 3 decades of experience to make anyone (men, women, teenagers) skin routine simple and effective.

At Beauty Confidential, we highlight only the best skin care products for our clients.  We are meticulous in choosing the right products based on: 

  • The effective ingredients

  • How the product is formulated

  • Testimonials and Reviews 

Our medical grade skin products deliver real results that you can see and feel while offering you the right skin consultation for home care to ensure lasting results.


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